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  • Gwenhwyfar Aine

    Gwenhwyfar Aine

    Witches/Pagans Ironwood (Upper Peninsula, Michigan) September 21, 2020

    I am an eclectic and shamanic Celtic Druid Witch studying and practicing for 27 years and would like to make friends in the area. Certified Minister, tarot reader, teacher and ghost hunter :)

  • Kindred Members Wanted

    Kindred Members Wanted

    Covens/Groups Port Saint Lucie (Florida) September 16, 2020

    The SunnaLand Kindred is an Asatru tribe located in Florida. We are made up of 2 Clans, North & South. We are small and are looking to grow by inviting individual members or clans into our Tribe. We are not folkish or racist but, we are tribal. I...

  • The People of the Woods

    The People of the Woods

    Covens/Groups Cheney (Washington. State ) September 6, 2020

    The People of the Woods is a traditional Wiccan coven since 1995. We try to maintain a balance between men and women. We accept selected new members and teach traditional Wicca. .